Antares Voice Thing!

Antares Voice Thing! 1.16

It allows you to add sound effects to your voice and use it in any program
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Antares Voice Thing allows you to change your voice with sound effects. With these effects you will sound like alien, android, gnome, etc. You only have to turn on your microphone and adjust the parameters to have the desired effect. The effect can be used for any application. The main window includes 6 principal options: SETUP, VOICE DESIGN, MUTATE, ALIENIZE, REVERB, and OUTPUT. In the SETUP option you can select the audio input, if you have more than one sound card you will able to select between the sound cards installed on your computer. If you click in the "PRESETS" button you will see many effects like: alien deep language, android, breathy voice, clone, deep voice, female tone, giant, gnome, reverse, etc. Also you will be able to save, delete, or set the default settings. The control CPU USE can be adjusted in order to select the level of efficiency and precision from 0 to 100 of the sound card. In the VOICE DESIGN options you can adjust the throat length (compress- stretch), voice mix (designed-original) and shift pitch (lower-higher). The MUTATE option has two controls: MUTATION (level from 0 to 24) and MUTANT MIX (from 0 mutated to 100 original). The REVERB controls allow you to add extra reverb effects with echo, medium room, and large hall. Also you can adjust the level of reverb from 0 to 100. The OUTPUT controls allow you to turn on the monitor, active the output and increase the volume from -12dB to +12dB. Finally the option ALIENIZE allows you to turn on the effect. At the bottom you can see the level meter of the effect. An icon in the system try will be added where you can open settings, mark the option "Load on system startup", or exit the program.
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Roberto Jimenez
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  • Add as many effects you want to your voice and sound in any application


  • The demo version works only for two days
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